3D Planet Maker!

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Notes and Credits (added by DadOfMrLog)

*** Small update: all colours in palette are now editable
*** UPDATES: more star type choices, including Gargantua (the black hole from Interstellar), and Eta Carinae! Plus info about each.
*** ALSO: Follow-cursor mode (on by default - space to toggle)

You can paint on the planet surface to create your own design, choose what type of star it is orbiting, and which side of the planet is facing it (which determines the half that's in daylight vs in darkness).
I've started this off with a planet you may recognise... :)

When your design is done, "see inside" for instructions how you can share it as a remix.

I had a lot more in mind to do for this (e.g. moons, rings, etc.), but I've not had enough time to get it done for the SDS... :(

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