Virtual Piano v3.2

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Welcome to the best Scratch Piano you've ever seen!
- Click the keys to play notes or use the letter keys.
- Click the red circle to record your notes to create a song.
- Click the play button to play your song and the stop button to stop playing your song.
- Creating a chord allows you to play multiple keys at once with just a click of a number button. (The max number of chords is 10)
- Click songs to let the computer play a song for you.
- You have volume control too! (Drag the slider or use up and down arrow keys to control volume)
- Drag the slider "Instrument" to choose a different instrument.
- Use left arrow key to play the Una Corda foot pedal.
- Use space key to play the Sustenuto foot pedal.
- Use right arrow key to play the Sustain foot pedal.
- You can also save a recording as a code to share with your friends!

Here's a forum post for extra long codes

Notes and Credits


- FEATURED! THANKS SCRATCH TEAM! =D (I read all the comments.)
- Top Remixed!
- 2,000 love-its!

----------------------------Update History--------------------------
- Initial Release
- Added volume control!
- Added chords!
- Added the ability to create codes!
- Added the ability to load codes!
- Fixed the glitch with the load codes a little bit.
- Added the ability to play notes with letter keys!
- Changed the name of "Which Instrument?" to "Instrument" cuz instrument is a better name. XD
- Added the ability to undo keys when creating a chord by clicking on them again.
- Added the ability to pause a song.
- Added foot pedals!
- Added the ability to change volume by pressing ↓↑ keys.
- Fixed the glitch when you would change the volume with ↓↑ keys it enabled you to make the volume above 100 and below 0.
- Slightly fixed the load code glitch. But still glitches sometimes. :(

--------------------------Future Updates------------------------------
- Will be adding more default songs.
- Will be adding categories to the songs when I make more songs.
- Will be adding the ability to record several songs and keep them without having to replace them.
- Fixing load code glitch.

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