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You're a worker at the factory that have just succesfully landed and started a new civilisation on a moon. This new breakthrough got everyone exited, but no-one had told anyone else on earth about it. But news had leaked uout somehow, and another company wants the credit. They have taken to bombing our people off the new planet. Not if you have anything to do with it! you have been told to get to the ONLY remaining anti-air turret on the planet, and destroy that ship.

Shoot the bombs falling from the enemy ship before they hit your planet. Left and right to turn the cannon, space to fire. The more you hit, the more money you can spend on upgrades in the shop on the left. your money is shown in the bottom left. Some bombs are faster than others.

If you won, leave a comment saying the health of your moon.

Note: You only get money because you sell the bomb metal to a recycling company. If a bomb is blown up by another explosion next to it, you wont get the money.

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