Thank you! [2000 Followers Special]

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(Works in fullscreen!) X=D

Press that green flag of randomness and delve into the world of my previous creations, trying to escape from the amount of messages I've gotten from all of you in the past!

You did it! 2000+ have taken the time to see my projects, and watch me improve as a Scratcher. It really means a lot whenever I get feedback on my projects, and this is a little way of me saying thank you.

Notes and Credits

*Seriously, being featured for my last project greeted me with 6000+ messages. That's insane. You guys are awesome.*

Thank you so much for viewing! Please leave a love and fave if you enjoyed this animation- this took much longer than I thought to make, since the camera angles at some parts took a while to visualise and put into real practice.

This was definitely a good project that helped improved my perception though, so even though it was time consuming, it was SO worth it! :D

- 99% Me, with the 1% of ideas being by my bro, @Loninja03 :)
- The music is "Full Moon" by KJEKJE (me :P)
> I will likely release a full version of the tune in the future ^^

- Couldn't have had the motivation to make this in the first place without you guys though- thank you for sticking around and checking out my profile!

Well, as always, don't eat my cheese sandwich, stay awesome, and Scratch On! X=)

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