Skating Snowman

by PTT
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Notes and Credits

Use the left and right arrow to use your legs, use both legs at the same time to jump. Avoid the holes in the ice and be sure to keep your balance! The finish is at about 150.

How did I create this game?
I made a static background, without texturing so you can't see it doesn't move. The objects are only scaled, and seem to move because their centerpoint is in the vanishing point (the point where the two edges of the ice intersect, (0, 180)).
The holes are detected by ice-coloured skates. The holes are placed at a random distance of each other, there are four holes so there can be multiple holes at the same time. The cat comes at random time intervals at a random side of the ice.
I used a variable called input to stop the arrow keys from working when they shouldn't work.

It took me about 4 hours to make.

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