Frontier 2 (v2.3)

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Tutorial in game. P to pause. F to toggle FPS display. SPACE to use mutator cores (When unlocked) CLICK save icon in top right to save, press O to access save code (When on the menu).

For unknown reasons, the tyrannous Terran empire have boldly started expanding into the Frontier, enslaving the populace of each planet they conquer. Can you discover what they seek before it's too late?

Let me know if you beat all the bosses!! Good luck! Also, what is your favourite combo of spacecraft + mutator core?

Notes and Credits

Latest Update (v2.3) - 15/05/2016 (See more info below)...

The game can get hard.
@TheLogFather 's pen transparency block!
@Griffpatch 's plugin for local saving!
(get at
Music from
Sound Effects from BFXR .net
All graphics made by me :)


Please close all possible tabs/application while playing, as it will help performance :D Also you will need a decent PC or expect low FPS.


15/05/2016 - To celebrate the games 1 year anniversary I have added a new vessel for everyone to try out! as well as a score display in endless mode :)

12/05/2016 - Added more background detail, and made HP flash when low.

4/02/2016 - Added local saving if you have Griffpatch's plugin (found at (*now unavailable!)

1/1/2015 - Fixed the bug that didn't allow you to progress pass Tarsis.

26/11/2015 - Added new boosters! These allow you to acquire powerful but temporary buffs with all those extra credits you've acquired! This update also adds two new unique vessels and some minor changes.

25/08/2015 - Fixed typos

24/08/2015 - Fixed saving bug!

21/08/2015 - Bug fixes

20/08/2015 - Massive 2.0 update is here!
-2 new planets and bosses to conquer!
-New saving feature so you can come back whenever you want, make sure you keep the save codes around!
-New mutator cores for more customization!
-New enemy types!
-Tons of bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations!

6/07/2015 - Made some optimizations in costume switching and direction setting in some sprites (hopefully giving you some more frames!).

30/07/2015 - Added a new speedy spacecraft! Also added tool tips to the tabs and slightly changed some UI elements :)

29/07/2015 - made power ups slightly magnetize towards the player, and made there collision sensing more efficient.

26/07/2015 - some slight UI changes + 2 new ships with new dual stat modifications! is it worth the trade-off?

25/07/2015 - Improved the stun effect of disruptor rounds, making the enemy move 3x slower (from 2x), 300% longer in duration, and having double the chance to proc (5% to 10% at max skill rank) + updated level display.

24/07/2015 - Slight changes to missiles and homing shots, they only 'home in' on targets now if they are within a certain arc in front of the projectile + missiles are now slower when first fired but speed up quicker.

23/07/2015 - Upgraded the disruptor round ability, adding a stun effect that slows the enemy and prevents them from shooting (this doesn't effect bosses).

15/07/2015 - New vessel and updated sprite for Vuur boss.

30/06/2015 - New vessel!

2/06/2015 - New thumbnail!

31/05/2015 - Made first boss easier by reducing health and making fire rate a little slower. Also increased the 'tail gun' power ups attack speed by 30%. Enemy bullets no longer fade out to prevent hard to see bullets. doubled 'Local Area Enhancer' skill bonus to 4%. Made Tarsis boss weaker and Vuur boss stronger.

26/05/2015 - You can now skip the tutorial if you wish by holding down the 'S' key. Fixed some volume related things.

25/05/2015 - Lasers? yes you can now get a laser power-up, might be a bit buggy, I'm not sure. Also added more varied bullet damage models. Also made explosions less laggy by using pen to draw them, ill add an option to use the fancier sprite version soon :)

23/05/2015 - Added in an endless mode where you fight through all the zones enemies and bosses without stopping competing for the world record! Suggest having max upgrades for this :)

22/05/2015 - 2 new ships + bug fixes.

21/05/2015 - Added ship upgrades!! Hover over the ship in the spacecraft tab, then click your desired spacecraft to upgrade it (Just make sure you have enough credits!) + made missiles turn faster for the player, added new enemy that starts appearing on Vuur + added missile attack to Tarsis boss + improved 'charger' enemy movement.

19/05/2015 - Improved bullet physics + made heat seeking missiles more realistic in their movement. Also made it easier to level up and reach bosses! Also added different spacecraft to choose from, they are free for now but will be purchasable and upgradable eventually!! + 2 new powerups

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