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I've been wanting to create this project for a really long time and May the fourth was a wonderful excuse to :) Especially because I really wanted to make a special scratch project for it :)
(Look out for Revenge of the Fifth ;))

WARNING: Music starts as SOON as you press the green flag, so be prepared for an awesome blast of the Star Wars theme.

~Instructions and Extra Notes~
Click the arrow buttons to switch to the next/previous song. The menu button is just for decoration...and the start/stop music button is under construction.

~Notes About Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens~
If you haven't seen the teaser trailers...well...yeah...go watch them, they are INCREDIBLE!!!! :D
Teaser trailer #1 -
Teaser trailer #2 -

~My Star Wars Fandom~
In case you didn't know, I am a HUMONGOUS Star Wars fan, and am super excited about Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, which will be released December 18, 2015. My favourite character is Han Solo and my favourite movie is Episode VI: Return of the Jedi :)
Oh! I'll also be cosplaying as Princess Leia (Endor) for The Force Awakens, opening night in theatres :)

~Song Note~
Unfortunately I was only able to get my hands on a shortened version of The Throne Room, because scratch wouldn't let me upload such a long song XD Also, you'll find a couple prequel songs...(in other words like 2) but most of the songs are from Empire :P

~Song Requests~
If there isn't a Star Wars song in this project that you'd really like to be added, please let me know...I'd love to add it if I can :)

Notes and Credits

Quick thanks to:
~The AMAZING John Williams (who composed the Star Wars soundtracks)
~Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollins (for the wonderful Star Wars Medley)
~Meco (for the Star Wars Disco Theme XD)
~George Lucas for directing/producing/writing Star Wars :)
~Apple (for the inspiration of the MP3 base)

I'd really like you to know that this was an original idea by me, all the album covers, music etc. were all uploaded by me. I'm not saying this to be snooty...i'm saying this because, tbh, this project probably is the most complex project out of all my projects...well, it took the most time to create, anyways. I also had some HUGE problems in the project and didn't actually think that it would make it :( So when I fixed the problems, I was like SUPER happy!
Thank you.

*takes a deep breath and shares*

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