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✌️Art Trades:
- @xXDemure_AngelXx - Ophelia gah sorry i made it a backdrop...
- @menagerie - Willow so sorry, she looks like some kind of awkward servant person ; n ;
- @mini-macaron's floral background...yeah I know it sucks sorry!
- @Sparkle1015's OC Glitter...I hope I got the colors right and sorry if the hair is messed up >_<
✌️Art Dump:
- Starbucks<3
✌️screw that mic but hey its all i got besides food and netflix so go away if youre hear to laugh at me

Notes and Credits

✌️Art: @The_Icecream_Girl
✌️Rose: Clare's tutorial <3 go follow her now she's awesome!
✌️Ophelia is an official @XxDemure_AngelxX OC so you can't use it ha
✌️Willow is an official @menagerie OC so don't even try to steal it's just not cool man
✌️Glitter is an official @Sparkle1015 OC so don't even THINK about stealing it.
✌️starbucks *$$ logo guessed it, owned by starbucks ._.

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