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Click the "Random Name" button to get a pair of random name-parts. Click the up and down arrows next to each list to scroll through the options.

Notes and Credits

EDIT: (3/6/14) Hey, everyone! Just letting you all know - I no longer use this account, so I won't be able to update or reply to anything. If there's something you'd like to change, feel free to remix with your additions, or make it into a different kind of name generator. :3

You can use this generator to make names for cats in RPGs, FanFiction and art. With OVER 19,000 combinations, you'll be sure to find a unique name! You can also make your own to see what combinations of prefixes and suffixes sound best for your cats! =^.^=

This is the result of my extensive Warriors research! I read through the whole Cats of the Clans, Firestar's Quest and Secrets of the Clans books to find as many names as possible. I also looked on for the names from the Warriors Website's Warrior Name Generator, as well as some sample names that yeilded a few good endings. I also added some name parts I made up, like '-strike'.

This project DOES have all sorts of duplicates, weird names that don't make sense and lacks suffixes like "-star", "-paw" and "-kit". Because it's more of an experimental warrior name generator, you can change things and add the other suffixes in case your cat is an apprentice, kit or leader. Feel free to play around with what seems good!


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