SPT (Terminal)

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SPT - Scratch Pen Terminal

This is a pen based terminal/text engine implemented in Scratch. The idea behind this project was to have a simple but effective way to display large amounts of data with ease.

Some Stats:
- Uppercase/Lowercase
- Functions such as backspace, enter, use of arrow keys
- Completely pen-rendered
- High FPS
- Quick and easy to use

To use this in your project, remix and then use your backpack to place the "SPT" sprite in your project then delete the sprite marked "DEMO". All scripts employing API functions have to go in the "SPT" sprite replacing the "DEMO" Script. Scroll down for documentary and more info.

More Info:
//Will be added soon...

Here is a list of API blocks, Variables, Lists, and Scripts and their functions. # denotes an input, " " denotes an explicit expression (do not type the " when using the expression). Adv: indicates an advanced explanation.

API Blocks:
- Init Terminal
Boots the terminal and all its functions.
- Kill Terminal
Shuts down the terminal and all its functions.
- Command #
Commands are "n", "cls". n is newline and cls clears the
- Output #
Output any character(s). Use "\" in front of a letter to capitalize
it. To output "\" use "\|". All other characters can be outputted
normally. (Adv: "\" reduces ASCII of next letter by 32).
- Init Input Poll #
Allow user input. The variable "Set User Input" becomes "0" if
the user presses enter (ends input). The variable "UI Echo"
returns the input in one of three selectable formats:
- "plain" will return (lowercase) characters.
- "format" will return the characters formatted in the way
explained under "Output #". ("UI Echo" can be outputted and
the case of letters will stay the same.
- Adv: "ascii" will return the 3-digit ASCII numbers of the
- Kill Input Poll
Stop the input poll. Input will not be handled/saved in any way.
- Set Text Color # # # #
Set the color of all text. Format is RGBA.
- Set Background Color # # # #
Set the background color. Format is RGBA.

- API Get Input Options
- ASCII Pressed
- Background Color
- Current Letter
- Cursor Letter
- Cursor Position
- Keys Pressed
- Kill Terminal
- LettersToSave
- SetKeyPoll
- Set User Input
- Text Color
- UI Echo
- done?
- minCursPos
- n
- n API Output
- n2
- writeIndex
- x
- x'
- y
- y'

//Will be added soon...

//Will be added soon...

Notes and Credits

ASCII Key detector goes to Griffpatch, although I modified some of his scripts heavily.
The rest is ALL by me.

Please give credit when remixing!

OMG Griffpatch loved this and now its getting publicity! YAY! Thanks everybody! Sorry but I don't have too much time on my hands to keep everything perfectly up to date, but I will do my best. Feel free to comment on anything or ask any questions, I will try to answer as soon as possible!
30 Loves and Favorites in ~2 hours! Thanks for all the support!
6/21/2015 Front Paged!
6/23/2015 Over 100 Love-its!
6/25/2015 100 Favorites!!! Thanks everybody!

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Future Updates:
- Better name
- Improve Demo
- Improve/add API functions
- Finish Documentation/More Info

Update Log:
v0.9: Release of project.
v0.9.1: Fixed backspace issue, is still slightly weird, but should do for now
v1.0: Implemented API functions, embedding in other projects now possible. Rearranged scripts. Created thumbnail.
6/9/15 Been having some trouble with the commented scripts in
the project, hope it's right now :/

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