Regular Polygon Drawer

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This engine generates regular polygons, with as many sides as you want! To start, click the green flag button in the upper-right-hand corner of the box to the left of this text. Then, simply type in the number of sides you would like for the polygon to have, and press the check-mark button. A polygon will be generated in no time at all.

Notes and Credits


I would like to give credit to Mrs. Spanier, my amazing math teacher, for teaching us about angle relationships in regular polygons.
Her website:


The concept behind this engine is actually quite simple. Using the expression of "180(N-2)" (N being the number of sides on any regular polygon), it is able to generate the sum of all interior angles on a shape. By dividing that number by the number of sides, it can calculate the degree measurement of each interior angle.

------------- = Measurement of an interior angle

Using this, it is able to rotate a set amount at each angle, and generate a polygon for you! For more information on how it works, click the blue "See Inside" button in the upper-right of your screen, and read through the comments throughout. Thanks!

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