New 3D engine

by WO997
See inside

w(z)/s- forward/backward
e/d- up/down
arrows- rotating
space to move the sun
|-|-|-|-|-|-WORKS WELL ON PHOSPHORUS:-|-|-|-|-|-|

Notes and Credits

@DadOfMrLog - culling, @tbpatj - lighting, @r2dav2 - tri-filler
-More light effect for spheres and repaired shadows (26.08)
-Flares (09.05)
-Alpha channel allows to draw partially transparent object (09.05)
-Faster triagle filler, (18.04) elipse filler & (20.04) line filler
-Lighting depends on the angle the surface is set to the sun
-(18.04) Cutting lines, (19.04) triangles and (21.04) quads while we don't see them entire
-Clouds & background
-Repaired shadow
-Night mode (press SPACE)

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