Hill Climb Racing v1.0

See inside

★ [Right Arrow] - Accelerate (or rotate anticlockwise in the air)
★ [Left Arrow] - Brake (or rotate clockwise in the air)
★ [V] to Swap Vehicles & Level (★New★)

I finally got round to playing that Hill Climb Racing game (Yeah I know... it's been around for years! *grin*). It was rather fun, so I thought I'd start to put together some scripts to emulate it a bit!

Notes and Credits

The graphics for this game are from Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft.

Thanks to @WO997 for the animating car aerial and man,
see: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/57724508/

11 May 2015 - v0.10b - Reset the truck score board (really sorry, but the top scores were achieved with a bug in the scoring system). Re-scripted the high score table to be much faster to avoid lag between plays.

5 May 2015 - v0.10 - Added new level for the bike (press V) - Separate High score table for each level!

1 May 2015 - v0.9b - Added dirt particles, wheel spin and better simulation of acceleration (+ bike, press [V]).

30 Apr 2015 - v0.8c - More stable when falling from great height + Wheelie score fix

27 Apr 2015 - v0.8b - By popular request, extra score for wheelies!

27 Apr 2015 - v0.8 - Added bonus score for airtime and flips!

26 Apr 2015 - v0.7 - Added High Score Table.

25 Apr 2015 - v0.6 - New car dynamics, Music, Sounds, new bezier spline curve driven level design.

The level design is a a mixture of blended sin and cos curves - And it is not infinite! I need to work on a better level design.
The level drawing is done using closes with the level split into 16 pixel strips (overlayed by 2 pixels to avoid the dreaded vertical line gaping issue).
Collisions are detected using nearest point to a line maths.
Roll and bounce of wheels is not done using realistic forces but is estimated using some less complex maths ;)
Soft body physics of the car is done using high resolution dampened spring physics.

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