Fight Fire With Fire

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Another platformer! :D All instructions explained in the game.

My goal for this project was to make it look more realistic by spending a lot of time perfecting the run cycle of the character, animating the enemies, adding a smooth, pen-rendered health bar instead of infinite lives, and other stuff like that.

Also, it doesn't use color sensing at all! Instead, I used lists to know when an enemy was touching fire or anything else dangerous, making it MUCH less laggy.

This is one of my personal favorite platformers of mine. Tell me what you think of it in the comments! :D I'd love to hear any helpful criticism that you have.


Notes and Credits

Check it out on Gamejolt!:

Fight Fire With Fire 2:

Play on a fast computer!!! And I don't recommend fullscreen either!
If it's too hard for you, press H. It will heal you completely.

I got most of the sound effects from
Music: Actraiser: Fillmore by Stillicide on

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