Super Fast Cloud List Engine

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Notes and Credits

WARNING: This project contains HACKED BLOCKS (for convenience when selecting lists and variables)
==================== USAGE =======================
I've included 2 custom blocks, one for encoding and one for decoding. If your data to encode is really long, set the "Use list hacks" variable to 1, to make the engine switch to a list-based implementation that gets around the 10,240 join limit.
==================== ABOUT =======================
I had a go at making my cloud list engine (included in some of my projects) faster [Sanic intensifies]
Times (on my machine for the sample text given):
Encode: ~5 ms in editor (~25 in player)
Decode: ~1 ms

This one uses the switch costume and costume # blocks to find values for encoding. The costumes were generated by a program I wrote (so was the character list, for consistency). As a result, encoding is now a lot faster than the naive approach I used to have. Decoding may also be slightly faster.

This supports all characters on a standard US keyboard :P

Try it out! Benchmark 100 operations and see how well it works :P The average time per encode/decode is listed in milliseconds.

Feel free to backpack, just make sure to give credit!

=================== CREDITS ======================
Music is: Darude - Sandstorm (Majorleaguewobs remix) (MegaApuTurkUltra edit)
Edited for appropriateness :P

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