The Impossible Test

See inside

Unfinished. Specifically shared at this stage so that it's possible to play "Jeopardy!" (the program I made before sharing this).

Click the flag twice. Then, click the answer you want. If it is correct, then you will advance to the next question.

Lie of music: There are only 22 different musics not 26.

Notes and Credits

This time, it's The Test but looking like "The Impossible Quiz!"
In less words, it's multiple choice! You're welcome.

This game has music from Newgrounds, Sonic '06, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Pokemon Black/White Version 2, TheFatRat, CircusP and yes, myself.

Newgrounds: Blast Processing, Electrodynamix, Time Machine, To the Stars, Skyless, Sounds of Minecraft 2, Evolve, Crimson Rush, Rage for Nothing, Sky Fortress, Someday, Heaven Rd. 2, Destiny, Ghost House, Reanimate, Operation Evolution
Sega games: Crisis City (Sonic Generations), Dreams of an Absolution (Sonic '06), Terminal Velocity (Sonic Colors)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Final battle theme
Pokemon B/W2: Battle themes (Champion, N, Colress)
CircusP: Ten Thousand Stars
Myself: Minecraft Journey in 2 minutes ("Minecraft_.mp3")
TheFatRat: Time Lapse

Shared: 13 May 2015 Modified: 18 Jan 2017
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