Username --> Nickname Generator [v.1.5.7]

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Now with more than 2500 combinations! :D

Press space to get your own authentic nickname (sorry if it ends up being offensive though, just press space for another nickname. :D)

Every time you press space you'll get a nickname slightly less like your username :) (After a while you'll just get random nicknames)

(Some words might have the same meaning but spelled differently)

Notes and Credits (added by Tropic)

Original project made by @kavz:

I made it take words that reminds a bit of your username :)

Apparently I was a Terrible Computer, when the search engine got improved I was an Attractive Computer and now when the noun search engine has been improved I'm an Attractive Entertainer xD

- Replaced offending words with better words :)
- Words that are about the same length as your username now appears more often :D
- Improved search engine even more! :D
- Preparing for next update: Words that are about the same length as your username will appear more often :)
- Improved search engine A LOT! :D
- Search engine can now calculate all similar adjectives & nouns and put them in order, from most similar to least similar, in less than a second! :D
- Added 2 new adjectives & 2 new nouns as well :D
- Added 1 new adjective & 1 new noun :)
- Prepared for the next update, it's going to be pretty big :D
- Removed unnecessary scripts.
- Fixed some small bugs :)
- Changed "Unpleasent" and "Pleasent" to "Unpleasant" and "Pleasant" :)
- Replaced "Physco" with "Patient" since it was a bit offending :)
- Prepared for next update by adding loading text.
- Fixed bug that made the noun a bit incorrect :)
- Fixed bug that made it search forever :) (actually that bug was created when I fixed the other bug, but I managed to fix it quickly)
- Improved search engine :D
- Added 5 new adjectives & 5 new nouns :D
- Bugfixes :)
- Some small changes that makes it easier to update the project :)
- Added 2 new adjectives & 2 new nouns :D
- Added secret code :O
- Fixed bug with the nicknames :)
- Added 3 new adjectives & 3 new nouns :D
- Changed name of the list "Adverbs" to "Adjectives" since it was incorrect.

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