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Knot the thread before you start, on the end of the thread >///< Nice! I'm pretty experienced with sewing so some tips are; Double up your thread, much sturdier. And to hide knots, put the needle underneath ONE layer of fabric, and at the end, stick the needle in the plush and cut the thread, that way, the knots aren't seen.

Put the good sides of the fabric together, sew them but leaving a space. Then flip it inside out, stuff it, and close it with a ladder stitch. It makes your thread pretty much invisible.
~ @KittyAnimeGirl

After you are done sewing the perimeter of the whale (before you stuff it), flip it inside out, so that the stitches are on the inside. Then stuff. With the stitches on the inside, it will look even better
~ @puppiescanfly11

A few tips: You can also use cloth scraps left over from cutting the fabric to save you from having to buy cotton balls or polyester fill. It's best to use a string that matches the color of the cloth for neatness.
~ @cheddargirl*

use thread that's fairly the same color as your fabric. That way, when you sew up the hole, your stitches aren't too visible!
~ @FionathePheonix

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