Over Troubled Waters by Diamond Axe Studios

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Play as Geri Stickman and sprint down a series of broken piers over a spooooky lake while avoiding the various enemies who want you dead.
LEFT AND RIGHT: Move left and right
UP: Jump
DOWN: Duck
You start holding a block over your head. Run as far to the left as you can without falling into the lake, and then press DOWN. This will place the block down, and extend the bridge further. Then, run as far left as you can go to summon another block. All the while, a certain type of enemy will be trying to kill you... so avoid them (one hit and you're dead).

Keep expanding your bridge until you get to the other pier at the right side, and then you'll start over again with a different enemy coming after you. As you advance down the piers, you will soon see enemies that you've seen before, but they will behave differently and be more difficult to avoid. If you get far enough, you will have to deal with multiple types of foes at once.

You are also on a time limit (shown at the top of the screen). Don't run out of time, or you'll die. Each bridge you completes adds a bit more time to the clock, but you still can't afford to take your time. Your time also determines your score... the faster you go, the higher your final score is. Try and beat your own high score, or, if possible, the World High Score.

Notes and Credits

If I had any notes or credits, they would go here. As I have none, this box, as of now, shall remain empty.

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