The Parabolator

by scmb1
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This a combination of math and art and can be used by people who know algebra and those who don't.

General Instuctions:
Move the min/max (the highest or lowest the arch will go) up and down by draging the button. Move the x- intercepts (where the arch will cross the x- axis) side to side by dragging the buttons. Click Graph to graph and Clear to clear.

Math Instructions:
This can help you find an equation if you known the x- intercepts and the min/ max. When you hit graph the equation will show up at the bottom. If the number is really small, scratch will round to 0, so if it says 0 is the coefficient to x squared, it is definately invalid.

Scratch Instructions:
When you throw thinks up and out they generally fall in a parabola like shape, so using parabolas in your projects will make ithem more realistic. This will help you find the equation to use, whether you know algebra or not. Move the x- int to where you want the object to start and land and move the min/max to the highest or lowest you want it to go. Hit graph and you the equation it gives (unless it says 0 x squared).

Art Intructions:
Whether you are familiar with graphing or not, you can make awesome art with the parabolator. Experiment with moving the slides slides, changing the color and background, stopping the arch part way and more. See if you can make pictures and cool designs!

Comment, comment, comment! Tell me if you like it and what you make. And don't forget: if you love it, click Love it!

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