Mechanical Monsters?-2 *UNFINISHED*

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Another unfinished MM engine. There's only one monster in this engine, but it's stationary and doesn't do anything.

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The ultimate epic boss battle experience! Join the brave knight-in-training, Jerophlex, in his legendary struggle to show the king he is worthy for being a knight. Using his unique rocket-like sword, he'll have to slay several robotic beasts in order to earn the entitlement of "Sir Jerophlex."

Defeat the five mechanical monsters and help Jerophlex become the most powerful knight of them all, in this medieval industrial revolution!


Notes and Credits

2/10/18 - because apparently people didn't read that this was not unfinished, tagged as a work in progress and is a draft, I changed the title.

If you saw the previous MM before this, you'll know what the situation was for this engine. This one is the second oldest working engine, before I did the contest for backdrops. Keep in mind there are many unfinished elements in both this engine and the others.

*original text below*

Thanks to contest winners and all of those who entered; this wouldn't have been possible without all of your input!

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