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What is Standard Deviation?
Standard Deviation is a measure in Statistics of how spread out a group of data is. To calculate Standard Deviation:
Subtract the mean (or average) of the values from each of the values to find the deviations. Then square each of the deviations, and then find the mean of the squared deviations. The Standard Deviation is the square root of the mean of the squared deviations.
It's quite a long process, and can take hours if you have to calculate the standard deviation of 20 or so numbers, each with two decimal points, especially if you don't have a calculator handy. That's why I made this calculator. It quickly calculates the standard deviation of a range of values, thanks to computer power and Scratch.

How to use the SD calculator:
Enter your data with the red buttons. Once you have the number you want, click the ADD button. Your number will be added to the list. Then click the Calculate button once you have entered in all of your numbers in that way.


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