Clone Scrolling Engine v.1.3.2 [NO REFRESH]

by Tropic
See inside

Please tell me if I the gif picture is annoying, if so I'll remove it :)

W-A-S-D keys or arrow keys to move.
SPACE to jump.

Gravity is set to 1 as default. Can be changed, but read the notes about it below first :)

If you use this, please give credit to me :)

Notes and Credits

[NO REFRESH VERSION] This means that the project will be less laggy and should be perfectly synchronized but the scripting is a bit more complicated. It is recommended that you use this version for bigger projects :)

Please note that this version will mostly get updated after the refresh version, so it might take a while before it's up to date :)

This is a basic scrolling engine based on clones. It also has some extra features built in, such as the jumping simulation and the gravity .

I would recommend that you don't set the gravity to anything below 0.5 or above 1.5. Below 0.5 might result in the cat jumping into space and above 1.5 will probably result in the cat almost not jumping at all.

This version isn't fully complete, since it causes a lot of lag if you have a lot of clones. I have an idea on how to fix it, and I'm working on it :)

- Scratch Cat (and Scratch) made by @Scratchteam
- Scratch Cat 16-frame walking cycle made by @griffpatch :)
- The rest is made by me :)

- You can now change scrollX when your at the top edge or bottom edge of the map, and you can also change scrollY when your at the right edge or left edge of the map :D
- More comments in the project explaining how to use the engine :)
- Bugfixes:
*Dots that make the scrolling smoother are no longer visible.
*The cat's walking cycle is no longer too slow :) (v.1.3.2)
- Added better walk cycle made by @griffpatch :) (v.1.3.2)

- Scrolling now stops when you come to the end of the map
*Still a bit buggy though, sometimes you can still see the bg.
- Bugfixes (v.1.2.5):
*Fixed scrolling not working :)
*Fixed scrolling not stopping on the top of the map.
- More bugfixes (v.1.2.7):
*Fixed bug where you sometimes got stuck in end of the map :)
- Scrolling is now more "smooth" (v.1.2.8):
*Thanks to @TheLogFather ( @DadOfMrLog) for discovering how to make it smooth :)

- Map now works better, you can now create:
*Vertical rows of decided length
*Horizontal rows of decided length
- Bugfixes (v.1.1.5):
*Fixed first square not re-appearing when going back :)

- Made the scrolling basics, including some extra features such as:
*Creating variables & lists with custom blocks

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