Dino Dawn

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Dino Dawn is a little fighting game, taking place in several location depending the gamemode you'll choose.
To start the game click on the green flag (duh!)
Take a time to see the controls here or the credits (by clicking on them) if you're interested about those then click on the font!
afterward choose your gamemode there are two gamemodes:
-Dino fight: fight one dino, in one of the arenas you choosed before (one character available at the moment might add more later!)
-Clash of the titans: use tim' to defeat one huge special character.
put your cursor over one of the pixelized name then click on it.

for the clash of the titans gamemode, the controls are the same besides few changes/adds, click on the "info" buttons to know the difficulty/ controls added .

Notes and Credits

all the scripts/characters (beside Dinosaur1)/art are from me.
i based myself on "how to make a platform game" by GavinKirwan to make my sprite move.

Music by Matthew Pablo

i noticed the game was extremely laggy on my browser...i hope it won't after posting it, if not you should download it and play it offline
enjoy! :)

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