gb.sb2 (1.2)

by DCPU-16
See inside

Play at almost full speed in the phosphorus player:

You should probably hold the (B) button through text boxes, since they slow down the game (they don't HALT for next frame)

Buttons: Z = (A), X = (B), Space = Start, C = Select, Arrows = Dpad
Click the cartridge to import a custom ROM. Click "PLAY" to start!

Tool for converting ROMS:
Open the ROM and then copy the output into a text file.


Supported Games:
Dr Mario (perfect)
Super Mario Land (slow)
Super Mario Land 2 (slow)
Pokemon Red (slow)

Notes and Credits

FAQ available below.

Changes (1.2)
- Fixed CPU bugs with ADD and various bitwise instructions.
- 8x16 sprite mode support
- Various cleanups, small changes.

Q: Does it run Pokemon?
A: Yes! All the way through probably, but don't hold me to it.

Q: Why is it so slow?
A: Per pixel Graphics and CPU emulation take a lot of time, especially when HALT instructions are not used. This can be pinned down to excessive processing per cycle in the timing emulation (vblank, interrupt polling and timer) and the crazy if/else chain I'm using instead of a function lookup table. It should be possible to clean this up in the future.

Q: How do I run other games?
A: See the Instructions.

Q: What types of games run?
A: Games that use MBCs 1, 3 or 5 should run. (most nintendo licensed games and homebrew)

Q: Can you please improve the sound emulation?
A: I understand your plight, but it won't be possible to make it sound much better unless the game is running at an acceptable speed.

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