Meet the Genders

See inside

Roll over the different people to learn more about them and the way they express themselves. :)

Glossary in the notes and credits.

If you have any questions, want to talk about your gender identity or just want to say hi, leave a comment. I'm always happy to chat. :)

Just know that I am no expert. I'm still trying to find out my own sexuality and gender! But I'd like to help in any way that I can. ^-^

Notes and Credits

Biological Sex- The sex a person had when they were born. (Male/Female)

Gender Identity- The gender a person feels that they are. (Girl/Boy or Woman/Man)

Gender Expression- The way in which a person expresses themselves. (Feminine/Masculine)

Cisgender- When someone identifies with the same gender as their biological sex. (Cindy, Macy, Ryan and Rico are cisgendered)

Transgender- When someone identifies with the opposite gender as their biological sex. (Jack and Leila are transgender)

Gender fluid- When someone's gender identity changes back and forth between two or more genders. (Robin and Payton are gender fluid)

Agender- When someone does not identify with any gender. (Elliot and Sidney are genderless)

Bigender- When someone identifies as both male and female, either at the same time, or in a genderfluid manner. (Avery is bigender)

Genderflux- When the intensity of someone's gender changes. (Rory and Alex are Genderflux)*

Nonbinary- When someone identifies with a gender other than girl or boy (Robin, Payton, Elliot, Sidney, Avery, Rory and Alex are all nonbinary)

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