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TURBO MODE IS RECOMMENDED (shift-click the green flag)
1. Move your mouse to the left side of the screen to open the block palette and make scripts.
2. To save your scripts, press the save button.
3. Wait for it to convert everything, triple click and copy the URL that pops up, and then open the URL.
4. Press the download button and import the downloaded sprite into Scratch. Read this to see how to import a sprite:
5. If you like it, please ♥ it. This took a ton of work to make. :)

Notes and Credits

Thanks to @MegaApuTurkUltra and @MathWizz for some help and advice.

The graphics are from Scratch. :P

How it works:
1. It takes all the blocks and converts them to JSON.
2. It takes the JSON and converts it to binary.
3. It generates the CRC-32B checksum for the JSON.
4. A Scratch Cat is converted to binary and the CRC-32B checksum is generated for that too.
5. It generates a zip file containing the JSON and Scratch Cat in binary.
6. The binary is converted to Base64 with a data URI prefix.
7. Profit!

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