Minecraft v3

See inside

W/A/S/D - move around
Arrow keys - look around
SPACE - Jump
Mouse click - dig
Hold Q and then Mouse click - build (make sure you select a block type first)

Notes and Credits

Try this if it's too slow

V3 - good speed up. should be less laggy
V2 - added new block types. New mouse controls.

*** WARNING ***
This is NOT a real game, it's more of an experiment. There are many problems with it.
* It's really laggy
* It looks terrible
* You can't look straight up or down
* It doesn't save
* It crashes sometimes

Because of the first three issues it's unlikely I'll do much more to this.

This uses ray casting to draw the world, like a multi-layered version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Credit to nXIII for his Simplex Noise script. I've used it to generate the terrain.

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