Return To... Forest of The Dead

See inside

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the game, (up arrow = straight, left = left, right = right), use the mouse to interact with objects and use the keyboard to answer questions.

**Please ensure you have brackets (curly brackets if specified) after your answer!**

Questions used in this game are on the Lucan Community College first year curriculum so apologies if you haven't covered some of the topics included as questions

When you're using the bow and arrow, aim by moving the mouse which will have a crosshair following it and click using the mouse to shoot at the rock, bat or fireball that you want. In certain levels you may need to click around on objects to find a way out.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Notes and Credits

**Apologies if game appears laggy or sound glitches, this is due to the size of the game and some laptops might not have a fast enough processor to run this game smoothly**


Return to... FOREST OF THE DEAD!!!!!

Yes, it's back, but this time better then ever. Say hello to an old friend who has been revamped in many ways! We have taken our original game "Forest of The Dead" and carefully crafted new ideas to make it bigger and better than ever in order to improve your learning experience.


Proudly Introducing:

Random Question Generator!!! - Instead of the same old questions appearing time after time in the same order we have decided to spice things up and have the questions randomize so you cover more curriculum!

Spooky Sprites!! - Yes, we not only have frightening backgrounds, but we also have BRAND NEW characters such as:
Cloaked Figure!
and more!

More Interaction: Now not only do you answer questions but you must also use a bow and arrow to defeat sprites which are preventing you from going further,

Also, Hand Drawn Sprites, Different levels (including a never-before seen final level), ORIGINAL music and much more!


Storyline, Scripts and Sprites by Darragh Bacon and Oisín O'Sullivan.
Original Music by Darragh Bacon.
All sound effects courtesy of
Special thanks to Thomas Dempsey for storyline contribution, Sarah Walsh for some hand drawn sprites, Joseph Bishara for the original opening string music, Jervis for 'Kindred Spirits' music, Edvard Grieg for the final level music and David Ryan-Lynch for food and encouragement. :-)

Have fun and learn lots!

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