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Mess around with the bodies of the Scratch cats. All you have to do is mouse over one and watch what happens. You can reset the effects with any of the buttons.


* First, I put 3 Scratch Cats side by side, making them alternate costumes every half a second or so.

* Next, I right click the stage and chose 'Grab screen region for new sprite', and drew my crosshair over the green flag.

* After that, I edited it to make it look like there's a reloading or restarting arrow on it. Then I duplicated the costume and edited the duplicate to look as if being pressed. I duplicated the whole sprite 3 times.

* Added instructions, along with a welcome message at the start.

* And, obvioiusly, I simply used the scripts to change the effects when moused over.

* Added GOODBYE sound and auto "stop all" after playing for about 800-1000 seconds.

* The rest of the sounds were added. They came from:


* Restart all click = Bjwed/Alch
* Restart all done = Bjwed/Alch
* Intro music = Village People
* GOODBYE = Alch
* Alpha/Beta Main Music = Alch
* Gamma(This) Music = Bjwed

Bjwed = Bejeweled
Alch = Alchemy

Shared: 20 Apr 2009 Modified: 20 Apr 2009
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