Jarquanzela - THE MOVIE?

by WazzoTV
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Watch. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER (This is not a real movie)

Notes and Credits

Hello Everyone!

What? A project? Crazy I know right? I've actually been working on this one for a while (like since the school year), but I didn't really know what to do with it until a couple days ago. I finished it up, and finally. Its here. Filled with weird faces, Jeff Bridges, and new lip syncing! :P

So, enjoy everyone. Hopefully I can start doing more projects. I've just been procrastinating a lot, and doing other stuff. So, if I don't make any projects, that doesn't mean I'm dead. I usually have something that I'm working on...just...really really slowly,

Anyways! Thanks for watching this video, I did a lot for it. And I hope everyone has a nice last month of summer! ^_^

P.S. I <3 Jeff Bridges

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