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Your Journey Begins Now.
The Forest Awaits.

Welcome to Creature. Before beginning the project, please turn your volume up and place the screen into full-screen mode. Atmosphere is the most important element in this project, and thus doing this will allow you to absorb it to the fullest extent possible. Additionally, I recommend clicking the green flag twice before playing. Thank you.

Thank you so much for all your support, I truly appreciate it!

While Creature is a horror game, there is absolutely no blood, violence, or gore in this project. Thus, you can be assured that it is appropriate for all ages.

This project is dedicated to each and every person who had faith that this immense undertaking would one day be completed. Thank you so much for your continued support.

After ten months of development, Creature is at last here. Meticulous care has been put into every detail of this project in order to provide the best possible experience to the viewer. The artwork has been crafted to provide a realistic tone yet posses a unique flare. The music and sound effects have been carefully selected to absorb the viewer into the virtual world. And the story has been developed to arc throughout the project and captivate the viewer. Every element of this project is of the highest quality possible. In fact, I met the maximum project data limit several times throughout its creation, and thus had to simplify a bit. But be assured that this project contains everything I could have ever hoped of adding. This is Creature.

After engaging the project, you will be given a two minute introduction. After which the game itself will begin. Please pay attention to the details of this project and follow the instructions carefully. Reading the pages you collect is absolutely necessary to the game-play, so please do so. If you are ever in need of serious assistance while playing Creature, please see the information below.


The Forest:
Click on the tan-colored pages to collect them. Remember, they are scattered and can be located anywhere, including on the ground. There are a total of nine pages you need to collect in the forest. Click the black text box at the top of the screen to view the pages you have collected. Click the arrow icons to either side of the pages to scroll through them. Click the black text box again when you are finished viewing the pages. Use the left and right arrow keys to walk through the forest. Once The Creature begins to walk through the area, you must never allow your flashlight to touch its face. Doing so alerts The Creature and you will be attacked. Once you have found all the pages, you will be able to pick up the shovel and find the key to unlock the cabin.

The Cabin:
You must lock the cabin door after entering it with the wooden plank. If you do not do so after several seconds, The Creature will break through. After the door is locked, use the left and right arrow keys to walk across the Cabin. There is a desk in the left corner of the cabin, but is is nailed shut. Click on the key on top of the desk and unlock the hatch to the right of the cabin.

The Basement:
After unlocking the hatch, click it to climb down to the basement. There is a hammer on the ground and a safe on the top shelf. The safe is locked and requires a correct combination. Click on the hammer. Press space at any time to drop it. With the hammer, click on the ladder to climb back up to the cabin. Use the hammer to open the drawer and retrieve its contents. Proceed accordingly.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to comment and I will try to assist you.

If you enjoyed this project, please love-it, favorite-it, comment, or follow! I truly appreciate all of the support I have been offered throughout the journey of creating Creature, and I always enjoy receiving feedback from my viewers!

Credits are located at the end of the project. Thank you so much to all the brilliant people who had a part in creating Creature.

The opening music is taken from the film The Village. The closing music is from the album Invincible. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Creature is a @-TheDoctor- production.

Thank you so much for playing!


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