Turtles Vs Tortoises Episode 1

See inside

Reed and Swampy think tortoises are better. But Celia doesn't agree. Watch them do competitions to see the outcome result.

Notes and Credits

Fun Fact: I voiced them all, but I used my real voice for Swampy. So if you're wondering what that sounded like, that's actually me.

I would really appreciate you guys's feedback. This is my second animation, and I want to know what you guys think I did better in this one, or what I did better in the other one. That way, I can make better ones for you to enjoy.

-end music is Turtle by Parry Gripp

The script took half an hour to work out, and another half hour to record. The animation took 2 hours (art, scripts). I really hope you guys liked it :D

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