The Adventure of Roy DEMO 0.9e remix

remixed by procd
See inside

1) Hit the green flag twice to kill all the glitches I know of.
2) Use the arrow keys to move Roy.
3) Use 0 to set things to 1.
3.1) Type in what you want to set to it, Thunder, Fire... etc.
4) Use your mouse to add a love-it and/or a favorite.
Check out the official forum page at There are now 97 accessible locations!

Notes and Credits (added by procd)

For debug purposes with NitroDragon147. See left door sprite, when in room 83 you should have to press the r key when roy touches the door to go to the next room. You don't get that but just teleport to the other end of the room. I suspect there is a forever loop running that is doing this somewhere. You can see other forever loops still running in the left door sprite. You should remove all the forever, repeat until loops and just have repeat until.. Lots of other forever loops you can remove too!
FOUND IT: in the left door sprite you have a forever wait until touching roy, broadcast changeleft script and wait! Deleted it! Should delete the script from all other doors too.

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