Pong Deluxe! (UPDATE!)

See inside

Please read before playing:

Give credit to @lettuce11Test, @Lirex and @Yllie when using the High Scores engine in your own projects.

Click see inside for a tutorial on how to remix - just look inside the "REMIX" sprite.

For keyboard style, use the left and right arrow keys.
For mouse style, just move your mouse and the paddle will move to it's X position.
Move the mouse to the top bar with the green flag to pause.
Main menu:
Options: change the control style.
Hi Scores: view the Hi Scores screen.

If it lags, try using Firefox because it lags way less. Trust me.
This is the final version of my new project, Pong Deluxe!
This version includes:
-Hi Scores with usernames - you can also choose a pic when you get the Hi Score (uses cloud lists to store username, pic and score, loads of thanks to @Lirex)
-Improved bouncing off paddle
-SVG Hi Score pics
-edited costumes
-and more!

This didn't take long to make, but it was hard finding what scripts worked.
Some of the scripts wouldn't run, so I had to stick them all together, which is why this project has such big scripts.
The main Pong engine is based on the Scratch tutorial, only slightly more complex.
If you find any bugs or glitches or want to request a feature or paddle type for the project, tell me in the comments!
(you can also request here: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/92640/?page=1#post-799430)

These features will soon be available:

~~No more updates ready. Please suggest updates for the future!~~

Notes and Credits


@CodeLegend for the CLText engine. It's extremely helpful and easy to use!
@theChAOTiC for the Hi score pictures. They're amazing and look great as profile pics!
I made all the Cloud stuff apart from the Cloud List.
Other credits are in top section.

I only made this so I could use an advanced Hi Score engine, which is why the game isn't that good.
When the project is being updated, it will not be available.
The date in the Hi Score engine is the British date, since I live in the UK but couldn't be bothered to find it in the location list when I joined Scratch and still can't be bothered.
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V2.3: fixed cloud data not saving with the old engine.

V2.2: added more options to make your game even better!
changed the backdrop to look like the sky.
106 scripts
21 sprites

V2.1: fixed Easter Egg bugs.
Now has 1 more script.
V2.0: the most exciting update yet - the Easter Egg! It's a joke.
It doesn't have its own sprite, though.
Now 92 scripts and 18 sprites!

V1.9 fixed a bug with the HUD not updating. Just a tiny update.

V1.8: fixed a remix detecting bug. Now uses the "message" variable.
Now 87 scripts and 18 sprites.

V1.7: added remix protection by @Superdoggy, edited by @-gaceface13- (my sister). Also fixed a bug by adding the "draw HUD" block.
Now 85 scripts and 18 sprites.

V1.7: fixed the old Cloud List bug. Now the HI SCORE works ok!
106 scripts 21 sprites

V1.6: woohoo! I managed to make a pausing feature that works all on my own! When you pause the game, it stores all the information it needs in variables, then when you unpause it loads the information super quick. The sprite used for this is the pause/play sprite. The project is now 79 scripts and 17 sprites.

V1.5: changed text colour, fixed bugs and improved the Hi Score History. Now the default speed is 13 rather than 10 because when it was 10 is was too slow.

V1.4: added Hi Score History, also known as Worldwide Records. be sure to check it out.
Fixed a few bugs.
Hi Score History stores all the Hi Scores in a Cloud List. You can access it by pressing h on the Hi Scores Screen.
Hi Score History also has a number bug fixed.
Hi Score screen now takes 0.1 seconds to load because it fixes a bug.
I also changed the tutorials slightly, so now they work better.
Changed the position of the controls button.
Now has 76 scripts and 16 sprites!

V1.3: added updating thumbnail for whenever I am updating the project.
The project now has
69 scripts and
15 sprites.

V1.2: added more tutorial inside. Also fixed the pic name bug.
The project is still
68 scripts and
14 sprites!

V1.1: Click see inside for a tutorial on how to remix for New Scratchers - just look inside the sprites!
68 scripts
14 sprites

V1.0: released!

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