Castle Invader ~ Level Design Contest!

See inside

Arrow keys or wasd ~ moving
Space or click ~ use weapon/place block
1-4 ~ change weapon

Notes and Credits



How to Create a Level
1) Click on the "Create a Level" button, located in the bottom right corner.
2) Create your level.
3) Restart the project, then click "Get Level Code" in the top right corner, type 12, double click the code that appears, and press ctrl +c. Restart the project.
4) Click "Import Code to Level" in the top left corner, then type the number of the level you want to import the code to (1-12).
5) Remix the project and share! You can store up to 11 levels in one project.

The Levels
The project uses a list to construct a level out of blocks. The first number is the x position of the block, the second the y, and the third the costume. This makes it extremely easy to edit the level, making possible a 'build a level' function.

The Enemies
This game has a wide variety of enemies, from spiders to archers to teleporting robots, and each is programmed differently. To simplify the coding, I made the block 'Search Blocks for (x) (y)'. With this, an enemy can sense if a block is in front of, behind, above, or below it without using the 'touching sprite' block. The teleporting robot finds a random block near the player and goes one space above it.

Objects at much the same as blocks, but you can not jump on them. Certain objects you can pick up, while others are just there for decoration.

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