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So yeah, my computer barely let me type that up... So I'll just type stuff here.

Welp, easiest thing I wrote in such a long time. Months honestly. I'm serious. Writing has become a task for me, but yesterday I was putting away my clothes and I heard a plane fly overhead and BAM! I just was inspired. Wrote this thing in less than fifteen minutes. It was a gorgeous instant.

Then I sat down to write something else today, and I seriously wrote a poem about how when you sit down to write a poem you never get inspired and then it just got really bad...

And the narrator is a child, so I tried to make the cover art look like it was drawn with crayon. Not to mention the fact that I'm using my trackpad for everything, so I can't really make anything with details...

Yeah, that's my life. I've been home for the past few days battling for my life against... the common cold. That was fun. A bit better now, but still pretty "Ugggg" right?

Oh, and the font is a bit challenging to read against the background, so I'll copy and paste it here:

Do you hear it, Momma?
Do you hear it?
Do you hear the plane
Flying over the river?
It's right by where the river bends,
The place where rocks and pebbles,
Sticks and stones,
Slip and fall in, washed away.
Right where Jackie jumped in
And Daddy had to dive in and grab her,
But he was too late,
And the river had already
Swallowed her up,
Gone forever.
That plane that flew over the river,
It's getting quieter now,
Probably flying away,
Not even realizing that we noticed.
But did you hear it Momma?
Do you think Jackie could hear it
From her cloud in Heaven?
I think so, Momma.
I think she could,
Even if you couldn't.

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