Tornado Survival Simulator

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Use W, A, S and D or arrow keys to move.
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Survive the tornado for as long as possible in this simulator game.
The tornado will slowly grow increasing the rate of destruction, Also pieces of rock and rubble will fly everywhere, so you must be cautious. You are safe from tornado in a house or it's rubble, but not from flying rocks.
Feel free to remix, add and change things, the way you like it.
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Notes and Credits

Hit 70,000 views!!! That is crazy! Thanks so much for the support!
This game is greatly encouraging remixes, here are some shout-outs for awesome remixes I found:

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terraform machine disaster - DisasterGames
Tsunami Simulator - eduardo82
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You should try them out also if you like this.
Thanks for all remixes everyone its cool seeing your ideas for
disasters and concepts, please remix and make it your way. No
credit needed but would be appreciated.

Music from Demolition Man.

I have added the cloud variable I hope you enjoy , credit to Ep1c_M1n10n for the idea at "".

Added changing speed and multiple rocks, thanks to delusion2 for the idea.

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