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wow, over 300 players! (70.49% cloud capacity)

1. be logged into a Scratch account (duh)

2. wait for your account to be created. should take about 5 seconds

3. you start out with 0 internetz, and 5 internetz to give. every day you earn another internetz to give. you don't have to give internetz, but it's part of the game to. the topbar shows your username, how many internetz you have, how many *new* internetz you have (since you last went to your profile), and how many internetz you can give. you can click the icon next to your name to go to your profile.

4. click on the leaderboard button to access the global leaderboard. here you will find the names of all players with their names in order of internetz. the arrow buttons let you view other pages of players. the blue buttons to the left of every username let you go to the profile of that user so you can give internetz.

5. once on a profile (even your own), click the "give internetz to {user}" button to give 1 internetz to that user. wait for the process to finish before giving another internetz.

6. every 24 hours you get another internetz to give to someone. come back to this every few days to send moar internetz.

- you will not in any way attempt to give yourself or anyone internetz via hacking, cheating, or other illegal activity.
- you will not beg for internetz. seriously, play it fair here and earn them.
- you understand that if you break these terms of use, your account's existence is at my arbitrary discretion. violators may have their account removed, reset, or sabotaged.

text engine by @Zykon
cloud engine by me
everyone for participating

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