Scratch Music Composer

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FAQ: (scroll down for more)

Q: How do I place a note?
A: Select a colored square at the top and click on the lines to place it.

Q: How do I make sharps and flats?
A: Press "S"

Q: How do I erase?
A: Use the grey tool next to the wrench

Q: How do I save/load?
A: Click the icon on the upper left

Q: How do I change the sound of my notes?
A: Click the wrench

Q: Is there a bass clef?
A: No, but you can lower your octave with the wrench tool.

Q: What are tabs and how do I use them?
A: Tabs let you create multiple songs at once. You can have up to four of them. Clicking the music note will toggle the sound on/off for that tab.

Notes and Credits

-Updates and Info-

-Brought tabs back in a easier, more fashionable way. Plus some minor changes on note-length. Read about tabs in the instructions. (2-1-17)

-Extended the staff upwards to include more notes, plus visual update to the interface. Tempo now changes the length of the notes as well to match the tempo. (1-31-17)

-The clef now moves out of the way so you have more room to work on your project. (1-30-17)

-Pressing load no longer clears your notes, saving now lets you know that it is saving, and switching octaves is more responsive. (8-24-16)

-Eraser icon update, modify disabled while eraser is active, and some interface bug-fixes regarding layering. (5/7/16)

-New Sample Song

-Added Loop Button!! Also some quality improvements here and there with how the song plays/pauses.

-Changed "Tempo" to "Speed", and bigger numbers make the song faster instead of slower.

-Orange measures now have a # at the top. I made 60 costumes before finding out I only needed 29.

-Play animation works a ton better now. I also added more clarity on what tempo does.

-Fixed a bug where notes were giving unwanted sounds. These now show up as "failed notes" and are deleted shortly after being placed.

-Added a really cool animation around the play button when you play your song. This also measures the length of your remaining song.

-Removed tabs because they were confusing. They might come back later and improved.

-Added Speed of Sound by Coldplay into the sample list.. This song was a pain to make on here so it sounds far from perfect. Clocks ended up a lot better.

-The orange lines now start at the beginning, and I got rid of some annoying grey ones.

-The brightness of the note is now effected by the octave. The lower the octave, the darker the note. The higher the octave, the brighter the note. (Edit: This feature has been removed)

-Added an indicator (black box) to show the key of whatever note you are about to place. A tempo button is still there to switch back to the tempo changer.

-New design on the modify panel and text to help you know what does what.

-Sharps/Flats added! Click "S" to change your current note from normal to sharp to flat.

-Added Clocks by Coldplay into the sample song list. Just click "sample" then type "4"

-Click "Load" and type "Pikmin" for a Pikmin themed background.

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