City Creator - Version 0.3.2

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Taxes come in every game month, being every 30 seconds, from your population. Each person pays $5. Each business pays $10.

Residences need to be placed alongside roads to be constructed. If not, they will just stay as a blue zoned square with no population. Residences will upgrade to level 2 when the education level is 1, and when they are next to a park. They will upgrade to level 3 when they are inside a school zone and next to a park. They will upgrade to level 4, hi-rises when all the other requirements are completed and you have a hospital.

Businesses pay $10 monthly once built, and upgrade as your population increases. When they get upgraded, each business produces $10 extra.

Used to upgrade residences. Each park costs $100 a month (30 seconds) in operating costs.

Cheap. Do not have maintenance costs. Used to make people move into houses.

Increase your education level. Each school supplies education for 1000 residents. Also creates a 6x6 school zone. Costs $500 a month in operating costs.

Increase your health level. Each hospital supplies capacity for 1000 residents. These are used to allow residences to upgrade to hi-rises! They also create a 6x6 zone that allows residences to upgrade.

Notes and Credits

This is a City Building game, currently in version 0.3.3. There are probably lots of bugs, so if you find one please tell me in a comment!

Also, please don't forget to love or favorite if you enjoyed it!

8/31/2016 4:32 PM: Hello! I apologize for the long amount of time I spent away from scratch. I am happy to announce that I am back and working on the new City Creator game. Though this version is being discontinued, I am going to resume working on the new isometric City Creator game. Hold tight! It will be coming soon.

3/4/2015 7:25 PM: City Creator ISO is out! Please check it out and have fun! :D

2/26/2015 4:03 PM: hey guys! Im having a tough decision whether or not I should make a new isometric city creator or just keep updating this one. Leave in the comments which you think I should add!

2/25/2015 5:42 PM: Please don't make remixes that don't add anything just to get views. Remixes are better when you add your own ideas to the project too!

2/19/2015 9:37 PM: For the last few hours I have been working on an update... that was completely bugged so I needed to scrap it. Sorry if you were viewing the project during the making and removing of this update, the game has been restored to its current version.

2/19/2015:The bug that makes your money get drained when you start was fixed.

2/18/2015: Update 0.3.2 is out! I added a calendar to show the year and month (1 being January, 2 being February, etc) and added an in game tutorial so you guys don't need to read my instructions.

2/16/2015: Update 0.3.1 is out, and now instead of needing to press space to place things you just click where you want to put them. There were also some minor bugfixes.

2/13/15: Hey! Update 0.3.0 is out! Please report any bugs! Businesses were added, but they only can upgrade to lvl 2 so far. Soon I will make them able to go to much higher levels!

Likely coming in the next few updates:

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