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ATTENTION! The logo and background turned out really bad in Scratch so I converted them to bitmap. I have included a bitmap and vector copy of the logo and cover art. The vector copy should look fine downloaded.

Back story: I wanted to enter Envury's contest so I opened Inkscape and began fuddling around and I got this cool logo and then I made up a name for it. Done.

Made in ~10 minutes with Inkscape.

Notes and Credits (added by __init__)

Q: This doesn't do anything!!!!!
A: It's not supposed to.
Q: Why not?
A: Because it's a logo contest entry.
Q: What's a logo contest entry?
A: An entry for a logo contest.
Q: What's a logo contest?
A: A contest for making logos.
Q: Ah, I see. Who made this logo contest?
A: Envury.
Q: Can you put an @ before his username so we can click the link and go to his profile page?
A: Sure.
Q: When are you going to do it?
A: Later.
Q: Can't you do it now?
A: I could.
Q: Could you please do it now? PLEEEEEASE????????
A: Alright, fine. Just out of pity for you: @Envury
Q: Thanks.
A: No problem.
Q: :D
A: I'd better put something here because FAQs aren't supposed to end with just a question with no answer.
Q: Yeah.
A: Can you please stop typing stuff here?
Q: I could...
Q: Alright, fine.
A: Good. Thanks.

... you know, I should really put more FAQs into my projects. :P

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