Turn Based Battle Engine test4

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This is the fourth version of my Turn Based Battle Engine. Click an attack button to make the left Scratchcat attack with that. Then click another button. The right Scratchcat will do the move. Repeat until one of them is "KOed". The HP rating on an attack is how much dammage it does (if it hits!) Acc is accuracy (how likely it is for it to hit. 6 is perfect accuracy, so Mic will always hit. The LockOn attack is special; it does nothing (except make it the other cat's turn) when you use it, but that cat's next attack WILL hit. Have fun, and remember it took a while to make! I have dramatically altered the scripts to make the game more expandable. New: Fourth version! I added a LOT of new programming. And you can now select an alternate character! Click the stop button to stop all scripts and two buttons will appear. Use them to switch to the new character and back, Space Cat! About the new teleport attack, when you use it the opponent's next attack misses, period. You can also change the background with B.

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