You're Not in the Definition of Worthless.

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i had no idea there was already a project recently published about depression-- please don't accuse me of stealing the idea.
and even if i had seen the project before making this, there's nothing wrong with spreading the word even further.

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if you think youre meaningless-- you are not.

we all have our ups and downs. for me, i suffer from severe depression. it's gotten better throught the years, but the anxiety and emotional breakouts still remain. two years ago i tried to do something terrible to myself--please don't reach this point if you are feeling the same way. get help, tell someone! please, oh my gosh, tell me! talk to me--i will gladly listen.
i have this beautiful friend, right? she means the world to me. so last year, hearing what she would say and do about herself broke me. i was so scared, so terrified! if someone you know might be suffering from depression and/or selfharm, confront them. maybe not by yourself; tell an adult if it's necessary. educate yourself about this and comfort whoever is suffering. it's not their fault, for goodness sake! this isn't an attention seeking stage-- it's a gosh darn cry for help!
scratch is a website for all ages and backgrounds, so sensitive subjects had to be eliminated from this rant. in the comments, please try to refrain from any severe selfharm mentions or suicidal thoughts. i'd rather not get this project deleted.
if such topics get out of hand, there are other websites we can talk on, such as my deviantart and tumblr, Wangcas.
as an artist, i loathe my art daily. i have never liked an art piece for over a week and i doubt i will anytime soon. but the thing is, i can look back at my art and if i try hard enough, i can find something good about it. i like my character designs! i like the way i draw noses!
so, if you can at least try, say something good about yourself. everyday, little by little. this helps, i promise.

please try to have a good day if you can. i adore you, beautiful.

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