Scratch Etiquette

by ipzy
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✿Use the arrow keys!
✿I'm sure there's projects like this out there but I thought I'd make my own!
✿These are some tips for being a polite user on Scratch! This has nothing to do with making good projects; it's just about the social aspects and how to interact in a positive way.
✿A lot of these apply to any website with social aspects!

Notes and Credits

✿Some of these are based off the Scratch Community Guidelines
✿Some extra "don'ts" that I didn't put in:

•DON'T copy someone's project without permission
•DON'T say things that are blatantly rude (like "this sucks!")
•DON'T remix without making changes/just recoloring (unless you ask permission first)
•DON'T post someone else's art without putting credit! Even if you found it on google images or something and it has no source, just don't post it or do an image search to find the artist!

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