Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram

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Click the green flag and watch! ^^

Note: When it says "(click -->)" click on the sprite to go next. There's a 1 second break between when the sprite comes up and when you can click to go to the next costume.

Chinese New Year - the year of the Goat (aka Ram/Sheep) - begins on 19th February 2015. Happy Chinese New Year! :D Also, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and everyone else!

If you...
- experience any glitches, try clicking the green flag twice... otherwise, please let me know of the glitch in the comments below
- notice any mistakes or typos, please let me know in the comments below

- Check out the official Kung Fu Panda website for some KFP-themed downloads, KFP/Chinese style! (click "enter site", then click on "downloads")
- Find out how to make your own Chinese New Year Paper Cutting - the results are awesome!
- If you love Kung Fu Panda, then why not check out this studio and ask to curate? :D

Notes and Credits

FEATURED! 19/02/15! :D Thank you so much, ST! This has really made my day! ^^

This project took a lot of effort and a very long time to make. I had
the idea in early January and started from there. Out of all the
projects I've made (on @kenza365 too), this is probably one of the
projects that took me the longest to put together, and had the most
effort put into it. I researched a lot about Chinese New Year, and
the Chinese Zodiac, while some of it came from memory. I also did
some art for this too, that took a long time to draw and put together
on the computer as well (at the end of the project). As with the
Chinese Zodiac Story, I needed to do a lot of research on it - I had
to write it up entirely in my own words too. Overall, it took more or
less a month to complete. But it was fun! :)

I had to delay lots of things on/offline in order to make this. Anyway,
it was worth it! ;D

Hope you'll enjoy the project, and Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ I
appreciate all sorts of positive constructive criticism and feedback!

- Scratch (the program I used, of course! ;D)
- DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda (for Gongmen City
image, images of Po and the Furious Five; Tigress, Monkey, Crane,
Viper, Mantis)
- (Deep
Forest Music)
- Google Images (images source)
- @sindybad (my bro) for the cloned fireworks (we made a deal to
exchange things we needed for each other, so now I have to make
up a story for his game :P)
- People on my blog (who kindly waited for me to start the manga
character requests ;D)
- Me (for the animations, Chinese Zodiac Story, and art - the art
kind of went a bit pixely when I uploaded it to Scratch, so I'll post it
on my art blog too ^^)
- My computer device (for surviving the past month)

- My knowledge! XD

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