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by Yllie
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Note: This project is very large and might not load on all devices.

Ultimate Game Creator 7 is an extremely advanced, yet super intuitive and convenient tool for creating, playing and sharing your own platform levels. UGC is, by far, the most capable and complete level editor experience to be found on Scratch. Enjoy!

• Profoundly redesigned UI to offer an even more beautiful and functional experience. Oh, I almost forgot, it's all vector graphics!
• Updated and refined vector blocks!
• NEW BLOCKS: Water Block, One-way Block, Moving Block and Laser Spike Block.
• Quick-pick. A new, faster, way of switching blocks: Simply hold down the space bar to access any block from an array.
• Redesigned control bar into a circle - allowing for a much more natural experience along with quicker access to controls.
• Character Physics! Now you can edit the physics of the character and save it along with your level code.
• Flip-able spawn point. You can now start the level upside down. Simply grab the character and use arrowkeys left/right to flip.
• 12 beautiful vector characters to play as!
• 10 new, vibrant, backgrounds.
• 5 new music loops!

@Ante22's Ultra Fast Cloud List Engine
- Simpler and faster than ever!
- Unlimited storage!
• Completely redesigned UI offering a better overview of levels along with quicker navigation!
• Time Record! Now you can compete for the fastest finish time on all uploaded levels. The fastest time can be viewed by pressing the timer button underneath the level!
• Play levels consecutively - Now you can choose to automatically switch to the next level when finishing!
• 26 new comments to choose from! Oh, and comments are now deletable! Just press and slide it to the right to delete it.
• Added the ability to rename your level

• Built with performance in mind!
- New physics engine for enemies, cannons and moving blocks.
- The character now uses sprite-sensing instead of color-sensing!
- Less costume-changing resulting in a more responsive UI
• Uploaded levels are now stored as one single item in one list. This means that the cloud data will be much more stable, finally terminating annoying bugs and glitches found in earlier UGCs.

Notes and Credits

★ All credits in project ★

Official Level Sharing Forum:


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If you find any bugs, please let me know. However, note that the cloud data might be glitchy and reset from time to time. There is nothing one can do about this from a project creator perspective.

Handy hotkeys in editor:
[ 1-9 ] Quickly change to blocks 1-9
[ Space ] Quick-pick
[ Q ] Toggle play mode
[ G ] Toggle grid display
[ I ] Display info about current block
[ Z ] Undo
[ Shift ] + [ Z ] Redo

★ TOP LOVED within hours!
★ "Largest Project Ever" award 43947 blocks (according to @joescratch10)
★ 1000+ views in 24 hours
★ 100+ uploaded levels in 24 hours

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