Five Nights at Stampy's **WORK IN PROGRESS!!!**

remixed by Lucythewerewolf
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If you don't believe me see here:
Try to survive in Stampy's lovely world of play...
*Please bear in mind, secret not-Friday updates have happened that have not been added to this changelog.*
UPDATE: It took me hours, but I've FINALLY added in a really cool Easter egg. There's a 1 in 50 chance of this happening, but there's a chance that someone from another one of my favourite games will decide to pay you a visit when you hit start... ;)
UPDATE: I'm adding new backgrounds! Woop woop!
UPDATE: Stampy finally has a proper jumpscare! Happy it's-nearly-Halloween!
UPDATE: Anyone who can make it past night 6 will be able to see the extras menu! It has credits, fanart and concept art, including the very first sketch I did of FNaS ;)
CURRENTLY UPDATING: As I'm sure many of you have all noticed, I have added jumpscares! These were all secret non-friday updates, but I felt like adding this bit into the changelog in case anyone was wondering where that bit was X3 I'm still working on Stampy and Squid's jumpscares, so I'm not finished yet! Also, Squid now sings a new song :3
UPDATE: Menu music and Clara's voice changed, as well as a hidden Easter egg added ;)
UPDATE: The Pretty Golden update. Squiddie the pirate added as well as an unexpected new arrival... Quack quack...
UPDATE: New phone call :D I'M PHONE GUY YAY!!! Or rather phone girl...
UPDATE: Clara and Lee now appear at your door instead of Chica and Bonnie, Stampy is on the main menu instead of Freddy, text now reads Five Nights at Stampy's instead of Five Nights at Freddy's and Stampy's laugh has been changed from a slowed down, edited to sound a bit like Freddy version of his laugh to a robotic version of his normal laugh.

Notes and Credits (added by Lucythewerewolf)

I didn't make any of the codes, all I did was change the costumes and sounds :3 The original codes are by @Blaze_productions
Also, some of the things are the same because I haven't got round to changing them yet :I
FNaS official website:
GIVE LIFE minigame:

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