Friend or Foe?

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Instructions are in-game. It's a game of memory, where you travel around a maze, looking for the exit to level up. On the way you'll run into question marks, which you collect by pressing space. These might increase or decrease your score - you need to find out and remember which one is which (or if it's a "friend" or "foe", hence the name) if you don't want your score to be -300 or something. Arrow keys to move. Please tell me how I can improve it, and of any bugs you encounter!

Notes and Credits

Took me almost two weeks - a small-ish project before I continue with my IF game. The idea I got after playing some platformer: you know how on 95% of them, you move on black, die if you hit red, and level up after touching blue or something? I thought it would be interesting if you didn't know what would happen if you touch something, so I made this.
Programming, art, all is by me.

-Shrank the ? to make it easier to navigate without being forced to collect it.
-Building on the previous update, you now have to press space while touching the ? to collect it. Should've done that in the first place.
-A bit faster? Also fixed bug with powerups not working on Level 1.
-For some reason, I had a block setting the high score variable to 0 each time the game was played. *facepalm* I was wondering why it never seemed to save! Hopefully it's now fixed.

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