Geometry Dash

See inside

-Use the Up arrow space bar or mouse to jump
-Press down arrow to use the ship
spikes bad
-If the ship is still on then hit the green flag again
This game helped a lot for the scripts A LOT I would like to thank the creator for making this game to inspire this game
So this game isn't bad
-68 loves and favorites!
-2240 Views! (that's over 100!)

Notes and Credits the second game
-------my youtube channel is below here-------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------Update Notes--------------
v.0.1 Added 5 more customization options
v.0.2 Infinite level If you click high score you can see who dominates infinite level
v.0.3 Fixed high score system
v.0.4 second level finished but cant be released until 25 loves and favorites
v.0.5 New Customization option and a new block to chose
v.0.6 Fixed the game so now its playable sorry that this happened I didn't know the game wasn't working properly.
v.0.7 Now even more squares to chose from but sadly that's all you guys get for this game
v.0.8 Now a whirl customization option
v.0.9 Now a back button and set option button
v.1.0 Fixed bugs
v.1.1 Fixed more bugs and I got to say this game is finished all I need to release the rest of the content is to reach 75 loves also if this game reaches 100 loves AND favorites I will release 1 or 2 geometry dash games! (hint: one is a level creator and the other is the first level of in the actual game(if those games are successful I will release the 2nd and 3rd levels of the actual games))
v.1.2 3rd level released
v.1.3 added music I don't know how it sounds though
v.1.4 fixed infinite level and added the music to it
v.1.5 same as before
v.1.6 fixed high score system -MAYBE-

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